This is a tiny selection of 2-D work. I have a vast collection of newer watercolor works, please inquiry for a studio visit….

I hesitate to photograph watercolor as It’s challenging to capture the true essence of the medium through photography.

the high priestess the empress


This is a modest selection of (100+) drawings I made dealing with traditional western concepts of pageantry and self transformation made during 2007-2008.


Installation detail of Earthling Songs, ink, 2008


Erotica by Laura is a project that focuses on the absurdity of human relationships through intimacy and love. This series concentrates on the psychologically and sexually absurd as a means to express basic emotions that can spiral out of control in an obsessive state of mind. Over a period of a month I made one watercolor a day that could not exceed thirty minutes. Through an emphasis on steady prolific production an unexpected spontaneity and freedom arose. From this ritual emerged an extensive visual study of the cacophony of relationships, emotions, and the bizarre experience of one mind’s perception of them.


Installation detail of entire series, sadly, this picture sucks and I sold about eight before I got techie.


This series of watercolors dissects the urban myths that surround extraterrestrial activity and the hope and dread they represent on a planet turning towards a massive transitional extinction.


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