The Golden Dome art and healing residency that I co-organized with Eliza Swann will perform its manifestations and offerings at Krowswork gallery along with my new watercolors and video August 1st 2014


A radical interview between Eliza Swann & I on art, tarot and life



Here is a sneak peek of FAKE NATURE:



This is the beginning and the end….here are glimpses of the China passages.


I will be participating in a performance salon hosted by Krowswork entitled You Must Change Your Life this July 6th in Oakland during first Friday’s Art Murmur. On view will be an installation & performance of an exaggerated Dinner Party with my tie dye home-boyz eating mounds of green produce. Think kale, kale and more kale = participatory ecstatic eating + dance & creepy soundtrack for the health conscious postmodern new age.  This project addresses the sociological aspects of food production, mind control, and power. I’m interested in creating a subversive Dinner Party in reaction to the diseased collective consciousness of American food conditioning and consumption.

Below is an image of the zombie induced trance i found myself under, after gardening and wildly eating dark leafy greens.

 (OH……TO BE A CALIFORNIA ARTIST….hideous tie dye cacophony/ this is serious stuff)


The video Recycle the Earth that I’ve been laboring away on will be exhibited at Incline gallery in San Francisco opening July 7th. This is a group show entitled Good Council. This particular video delves into the raw vulnerability of the human mind and the superficial nature of civilized culture. Spotlighting a historically significant American cult; Heaven’s Gate.

Below is a video still from, Recycle the Earth

I’ll be participating in DocumentO, an unofficial satellite of Documenta 13 and will run from June 22nd-30th, this is being organized through Jasmine Moorhead and I’ll be pulling watercolors out of the vault for this!!



























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